Positive Thinking

What I Love About Spring

Spring is here, and I just love it! I was born in the spring so maybe that is what contributes in why I love it so much. Or maybe its the the one season that is all about rebirth and new beginnings. Either way I figured I could share a list of reasons why I… Continue reading What I Love About Spring

Lifestyle advice

The Facebook Obsession

I have had a Facebook account since 2009. Which was promptly after I left Myspace, that was a horrid place. Being on Facebook that long, and with the handy tool of "On This Day", I am able to see the many changes my life has taken. A lot of which is cringe worthy as I… Continue reading The Facebook Obsession


Life of a Mom

So I apologize again for being absent I have been painting my house. It was much needed and I am so happy with the results. But my post today will be short. Being a stay at home mom comes with a lot of distractions. My days are ever changing and I may not get the… Continue reading Life of a Mom


The Gamer Mom

Now I usually go on about blogging, being a mom, and living the positive lifestyle. Lately however I have been letting you all know a little more about me, and in my previous post I talked about being a gamer. (post reference: Who I am and Why I’m here ) So on that note, I am… Continue reading The Gamer Mom

About Blogging

Who I am and Why I’m here

So As some of you know, I have been blogging about a week now. But a friendly blogger has informed me of a free helpful course by wordpress to improve my blogs and the attention to them. I am willing to learn anything and everything, so lets do this. The good thing is, I have… Continue reading Who I am and Why I’m here

About Blogging

The Six Perks Of Blogging

Hello Fellow Bloggers! Its been about two days since my last post, between family issues and trying to brainstorm the next big post, its been a struggle. The one thing I realized in the last two days was the blogger withdrawal! I didn't even know there was such a feeling. Anytime I felt down or… Continue reading The Six Perks Of Blogging

Positive Thinking

Get Jiggy with the Music

Your day has just gone down the drain, nothing seems right. Grey and dull you feel, you know what you need? You need to move, get up and move. Grey's Anatomy was on something. When Christina went up to Meredith and pulled her to dance off all those blues, things just didn't seem to way… Continue reading Get Jiggy with the Music